Easy Transactions

Across the U. S.

Why People Buy It?

We have folks from the plains that want to buy woodlands, desert dwellers that are looking for a lot on the lake, Northerners that want to escape the cold winter, and every other kind of buyer looking for a place they can call their own, in the part of the country they have dreamed about.  Please look at our listings, and if we don't have what you are looking for, send us an email with what you are looking for.  Often, we may do some shopping on your behalf and see if we can find what you are looking for.

We sell parcels to folks for all kinds of reasons, such as...

- Off road biking or 4 WD,

- Hiking or rock climbing,

- Family camping,

- Build a cabin or yurt

- Build a tiny house,

- Park a Mobile Home or RV,

- Ride Horses,

- Rock and mineral hunting,

- Retirement home,

- Prepper get-away

- Peace and quiet,

- Ultralight or Gyrocopter,

- Hold for future appreciation,

- Resell for a profit.


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Why Are The Prices So Low?

The target buyers for HalfPricedLand are individual and institutional investors. Lots of professionals have come to distrust traditional investment vehicles, and are looking to scoop up larger parcels (10 acres or larger) as a hedge against inflation, and security for long-term safe investment. Others see an opportunity to purchase HalfPricedLand for cash, and then resell it for 2, 3, and even 5 times as much to retail buyers on terms.  Not only to they profit from marking up the property, but they also earn interest income too. More and more investors have converted their 401k and IRA into self directed plans, where they can easily purchase parcels for cash, and then resell the property for terms, and build their retirement funds while enjoying the security of knowing their investment is as solid as it gets... LAND!

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About the Stewarts...

Larry and Shirley are part-time property managers, and sometimes, independent insurance adjusters. As part of their long term retirement planning and their grandchildrens education funds, they buy and sell vacant land throughout the U. S.  Their goal is to bring rural parcels to their loyal buyers at about half of what the usual price for similar land would be.  They are not real estate agents, and when you look at one of their listings, they share everything they know about the parcel (the good, the bad and the ugly) so you, the buyer, can make an infomed decision about the parcel for yourself.  

Once you find the parcel you want, give us a call and we'll make arrangements for you to purchace the property.  In many cases, you can purchase the price on terms, or we offer a 20% cash discount.  We can arrange an easy and convenient closing between us, or at your option, we work with an escrow company that can facilitate the purchase and paperwork anywhere in the US.  They specialize in vacant land transactions and can easily accommodate any special request you may have.

We love Happy Buyers!  We work hard to make them happy.

When you buy a parcel from Half Priced Land, we guarantee you will be happy with your investment. If during the first ninety days after your purchase, you change your mind or decide you it doesn't meet your needs or expectations, we will cheerfully refund your purchase price (or deposit if you bought it on terms), less the document prep fees.  We do ask that you do your best to determine before you buy that they land will meet your needs.  We don't have all the answers about every detail of the land or its use, but that's why we are able to sell these parcels at about half of the going prices.