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This is a rare parcel, walking distance (about 1/2 mile) to Candy Kitchen Ranch Airport. To make this double rare, the previous owner improved the property about 20 years ago, so there is electrical power on the property, and a well with pump house on the parcel.


The previous owner hasn't visited the property in about ten years, (and we've never been there), but the presence of water and power already on the land makes this an ideal property for a cabin, mobile home, RV pad or tiny house.  The parcel has a gentle slope and is about 2/3's wooded (we think it Pinion Pine). 


The parcel was severly behind on property taxes, but we paid everything current through October 2017, and we are ready to transfer ownership to the right buyer.

Similar size parcels sell for this much in the area, even without road access, power, water, not to mention the proximity to the airport.  This parcel can be yours with just $2,000 (plus $299 doc fee), and 60 monthly payments of $200 per month (see Terms page for details).

$9,800 or just $2,000 and $200 per month  

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From Wikipedia   (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candy_Kitchen,_New_Mexico)

The name Candy Kitchen originated with a rancher who made moonshine liquor during the prohibition era in the United States. As a front for purchasing large amounts of sugar to produce his liquor, he manufactured pinon nut candy. People would come to his ranch to purchase candy over the counter and illegal liquor under the counter.

The isolated and rustic nature of the area has attracted a colorful array of individualists. A number of artists currently make their homes in the area. The area is home to a very diverse and intimate community that includes ranchers, sustainable homes (strawbale and earthbag structures etc.), artists, and other interesting folk. It is roughly 60 miles from the nearest grocery store. Candy Kitchen prides itself on sustainable ways of living. The diversity of Candy Kitchen attracts people who are not worried about sex, religion, origin, sexuality (about 35% LGBTQ), and any other modern-day concerns (with regard to culture). Candy Kitchen focuses on the ability of a person to "add" to the community, which can be hard-work.'

Rumored history includes a hiding place for Butch Cassidy, Geronimo, Prohibition distilleries.

In modern days, Candy Kitchen is home to many homesteader families, regular folks, hippies, Radical Faeries, Ramah Navajos, Zuni Puebloans, nihilistic survivalists, reclusivists, people who like their privacy, people who enjoy living simply, and many other "outcasts" who live on the fringes of society. Community is important, and seems to be the center of local culture.

Candy Kitchen is mostly off-grid, with no sewer and very few homesteads who have electric lines. Its citizens tend to pride themselves on the ability to survive without having to shop at a grocery store.

Airport info for airport near R02073

Candy Kitchen Ranch (NM36) in Ramah, New Mexico

Manager Name: John Pitchford / 505-766-9981



Candy Kitchen Ranch (NM36)  Ramah, New Mexico, United States (87321)

 Lat/Lng: 34° 54' 10.14" N / 108° 30' 52.26" W   Time Zone: -7UTC (-6DST)

34.902817 / -108.514517   Elevation: 7220'ft / 2201mMSL

ID / ICAO: NM36      Runways: 2    Longest: 06-24 Dirt 1,223m / 4,013ft