In a perfect world, everybody to afford to just pay cash for everything they need or want.  If that's the case for you, then you'll be pleased to know that in  most cases, we are able to offer a cash discount.


However, if you need a payment plan, we have a low risk way to lock in your price today, enjoy the property now, make affordable payments for the term, and have 100% of your payments apply to the purchase price.  We use a common lease option to make the transaction easy, affordable and safe for you.


With a reasonable payment now (referred to as the option consideration) we will lease the property to you for an affordable monthly payment for a fixed term.  At the end of the term, once you have made all the monthly payments, we transfer the property deed to you, and it's yours.  Pretty much like buying a car, except we don't charge you interest, and we pay the property taxes during the lease term.  You just make the payments and enjoy the use of the property now, and when you complete the payments, the property is yours.  


One they we have learned. . . sometimes, plans change.  Not always, but often enough to give it consideration. Rather than sign a purchase contract that obiligates you to the purchase no matter what, our use of a lease option gives you the security of locking in your price now, and the assurance of knowing that when you complete the payments, the property is yours. However, if things change, and your life changes in some way and you don't want to complete the purchase, you can just quit making the payments and walk away from the property. We know it's not likely you will want to give up the property, but it is nice to know that if you need to, you can just walk away and not worry about how to make the payments, or risk damaging your credit, or face foreclosure.  In the meantime, you can enjoy the use of your land, knowing that every penny of your monthly payments can be applied to the purchase price, no interest, no inflation adjustments, no changes in terms.


To our knowledge, there may not be anyone in our industry making it this easy to own the parcel of your dreams. So, isn't it time to make your dreams come true?  If you are interested in one of our properties, and want to ask about the terms, or have a transaction question, please call us at (423) 596-3196.